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Often referred as the “Queen of Spices” because of its very pleasant aroma and taste. Cardamom is a perennial, herbaceous, rhizomatous plant. Based on the nature of panicles, three varieties are recognized viz. Malabar with prostrate panicle, Mysore with erect panicle, and Vazhukka with semi erect panicle.

Plants are of medium size (2 to 3 mtr height) with pubescent leaves (on the dorsal side) and fruits globose in the case of Malabar, whereas plant robust (3 to 4 mtr height) with leaves glabrous on both sides with ovoid capsules in the case of Mysore. Vazhukka variety is a mix of both the above in physical characteristics.

Health Benefits

  • Cardamom is effective in improving digestion.
  • It helps those suffering from stomach cramps. It is a good stimulant and beneficial for those suffering from flatulence and gas.
  • Cardamom also helps in cleansing the body as it has detoxifying properties.
  • Cardamom enhances appetite and provides relief from acidity in the stomach.
  • It is beneficial for those suffering from various kinds of respiratory allergies.


  • Uses in cuisines around the world.
  • Broadly used to treat infections in teeth and gums.
  • Cardamom also helps in cleansing the body as it has detoxifying properties.
  • The traditional uses of cardamom to treat skin conditions have attracted the attention of those developing plant-based cosmetics.
  • The aromatic flavor in cardamom is a breath freshener. A . few seeds chewed for a brief period will remove foul smell.
  • The essential oil of cardamom is used for pharmaceutical purposes, perfumery, flavoring liquers and bitters, in the preparation of tincture and as a stimulant.

Nutritional Profile

Cardamom is anti-inflammatory in action and helps relieve and cure cold, fever, liver problems, pain.

Packing Details

We provide high quality packing to keep the properties intact for a longer period.We are packing products in quality packing.Our products are available in various packing ranges.

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